Roll grouping machine

Napkin automatic transfer

Cross napkin machine TSV-800

Table mat machine MSV-500

Orbital mitre saw TR-22

Special folding napkin machine TSK-500

TSV-T4 4-way zig-zag wipes

Zig-zag deck mitre saw TR-110

TSV-2V mini-service two tracks

Napkin packing machine

Tablecloth winder with precut device

TNT Napkin Machine

SPECIAL OFFER Cross napkin machine TSV-800

Paper tablecloth stacker

Tissue paper winder ASM-400

Packaging machine of rolls in bag EMP-500

Bobin winder for toilet paper ASM-280

TSV-4V mini-service 4 tracks

Toilet paper mitre saw TR-110

Cross napkin machine TSV-1200

Cutter CMZ-75

Zig-zag paper towel machine of four racks TSV-T4

Zig-zag paper towel machine of two tracks TSV-T2

Tablecloth machine MSV-1200

Printer MSI-120

Tube core making machine M-11